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The Best of Parkside

The Best of Parkside

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  1. Down From His Glory (PBC Adult Choir / Palmore Duet) 
  2. Crucified Heart (Honor & Majesty) 
  3. Calvary’s Love (Bro. Kacy Palmore) 
  4. Someone Is Praying For You (Heavenly Harmonies) 
  5. Sweet Beulah Land (Glad Reunion) 
  6. He Ransomed Me (Dr. Nihl Bulkley, Sr.) 
  7. Pray For Me (PBC Children’s Choir & Youth Choir) 
  8. Bow The Knee (PBC Adult Choir) 
  9. Hold On (Mercydrops) 
  10. Run To The Cross (Strength & Beauty) 
  11. I’m Not Afraid Of The Storm (PBC Youth Choir) 
  12. Surely The Presence (Heavenly Harmonies) 
  13. Lord, You’ve Been So Good (PBC Children’s Choir) 
  14. The Last Blood (PBC Youth Choir) 
  15. Sailing Away (Honor & Majesty) 
  16. Satisfied (Bro. & Mrs. Kacy Palmore) 
  17. It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are (Glad Reunion) 
  18. To Rescue A Sinner (PBC Adult Choir)

Running time: 65 minutes

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